Nearly 100 drivers and warehouse workers at Grassdoor, one of the largest cannabis delivery platforms in California, have joined Teamsters Local 2785. They join more than 300 of their union brothers and sisters at the company’s Southern California location who affiliated with the Teamsters in January.

“The workers at Grassdoor have demonstrated tremendous courage and determination in standing up for their rights,” said Joseph Cilia, Local 2785 Secretary-Treasurer. “We are proud to stand with them and support their efforts to improve their lives.”

“These workers are critical to the success of the cannabis supply chain, and they deserve to have prosperous, sustainable careers that reflect the value they bring to their employers,” said Peter Finn, Western Region International Vice President and Teamsters Food Processing Division Director. “We look forward to working with them on securing better wages, benefits, and working conditions.

Carrie Qualls and Alexander Torres are drivers for Grassdoor in Brisbane.

“Why do I think it’s important for cannabis workers to unionize? Well, grocery stores are union, construction workers are union – everyone else can unionize, so why not us?” Qualls said.

“There’s certain things I want that we don’t get – paid vacation, paid time off – and I think by joining the Teamsters, we can negotiate to get those things,” Torres said. “The Teamsters are great – if something at work comes around and it’s not to your liking, they’ll be there to back you up.”