Sept 11, 2018 – Questions and Answers from August 25 Conference Call

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You talked about a comparison of the 22.4 combination drivers to the creation of 22.3 positions in 1997. I wasn’t around in ‘97 and I’m not clear on this. Can you explain the comparison? First, you should be aware that there are full-time inside employees that existed for many years prior to 1997. These are “22.2” jobs. These jobs pay the same or almost the same as package drivers. In order to create more full-time inside jobs, the parties negotiated the 22.3 jobs with a lower pay scale than the 22.2. The controversy arose that we should simply create the new jobs under the 22.2 pay scale. UPS was not interested in that but we did create 22,350 full-time 22.3 jobs since that contract. These lower-paid jobs are now extremely popular and continue to pay an excellent full-time wage with full-time benefits. We feel that these new 22.4 positions will also fill the need for additional good-paying full-time jobs while addressing understaffing, excessive overtime and weekend ground deliveries. I’m a package car driver. Will the new 22.4 jobs reduce my chances of getting overtime if I choose to work overtime? For package car drivers who enjoy as much overtime as possible, does the union believe that we will continue to be able to work all the overtime we have been Read more...

Teamsters 2785 Labor Day Picnic 2018

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A perfect day for a picnic. Teamsters 2785 members and staff celebrated Teamster solidarity on labor day together with friends and family.  PICTURES BELOW - We posted so many pics that you will have to wait a bit for them to load on mobile.... so please keep this open until they load.

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