California Teamsters Hispanic Caucus Scholarships Available Now

Sisters and Brothers, Deserving high-school seniors who are children of an active member whose dues are current and whose child is attending an accredited College, University, or Trade School, are eligible for this scholarship. Download the application here: Download Application

Take a Look at the Work Teamsters Local 2785 is doing for their Members

Stay up to date on events and work that Teamsters Local 2785 is doing to improve their members employment and to fight for workers rights in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties.

Who we are and what we do.

Our message to you is that you are never alone as long as you are part of a Union. When you are part of a Union you are never discounted as just a single employee.  As a Union member, you are supported by the strength of over two thousand Local 2785 members in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties, and the 1.5 Million Teamster national membership. When you have strength in numbers, your Union can advocate for better pay, better benefits and better working conditions on the job, and also advocate for political and legislative goals that protect and improve the the rights and benefits for all workers.  Now and for the future.

We are a proud family of over 100,000 Teamster members in the San Francisco Bay Area alone.  Our Union brings dignity, security and a sense of pride in working on jobs that have fair wages, good job security and safety.

Teamsters local 2785 represents members in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties.  Our members work in a vast array of industries and positions.

Our members work for UPS as sorters, loaders, un-loaders, Feeder Drivers & Delivery drivers, in the Movie Industry as drivers and location managers and scouts, for Trade Show & Convention Centers as Forklift operators, warehouse workers, scanners, scale operators, rigging, electric pallet jacks, loading and unloading & operating trucks and vans. We work for the Airlines, loading and unloading for catering, Brewery and soft drink forklift operators and delivery drivers. We have building and construction drivers and front end Class A trucking drivers.

Our goal is always to fight for our members’ rights and to organize non-labor union members so that we can improve on the working conditions of more and more workers in San Mateo and San Francisco counties.

Our Goals for Every Member

Over 1,500,000 Members In the Greatest Union in the Country

Join Us in Our Fight for Workers

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