UPS Norcal Contract Negotiations Update for April 14th

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UPS Teamsters Sisters and Brothers, The Nor Cal Committee met with the company this week for the third and final round of negotiations prior to the start of National negotiations. The session ended on 4/14/23 with no real movement. The company was given a history lesson on the origin and intent of long-standing language. The company’s committee has nobody on their side of the table with any bargaining history. They respond to our concerns with what they “believe” the language means. We don’t believe what the language means; we know what the language means! The Company continues to sidestep on making any progress on resolving issues that they create. Unresolved issues include but are not limited to, seniority issues, grievance procedure, pay issues, workweeks, ice machines and employee health and safety. Reallocation of funds isn’t going to cut it for a company that posts record profits in the billions each year. The Nor Cal Committee has no patience in the company’s shell game negotiating tactics. “NOT INTERESTED” seems to be the mantra for the company. They are “NOT INTERESTED” in providing accurate seniority lists, “NOT INTERESTED” in providing ice. The company has made it loud and clear they are “NOT INTERESTED” in a contract. In Solidarity, Joseph Cilia, Secretary-Treasurer & Principal Officer

Join a UPS Contract Action Team

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Attention UPS Teamster Activists! The International Union has launched a national training program to prepare rank-and-file members to win the strongest contract in UPS history. We invite you to take part in this program. Hear from organizers and trainers about the bargaining process Learn strategies for mobilizing your co-workers Find out how to map your workplace and build communications networks Get the tools you need to build effective Contract Action Teams in your local CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR A CONTRACT ACTION TEAM TRAINING IN YOUR AREA

Notice to All UPS Teamsters of Upcoming Parking Lot Meeting for Contract Update

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UPS Brothers and Sisters, Please plan to attend a contract update meeting at your respective facilities to hear about updates for the current UPS contract negotiations. San Francisco Parking Lot - Wednesday, April 19th at 8:15 am Menlo Park Parking Lot - Thursday, April 20th at 8:00 am San Bruno Parking Lot - Friday, April 21st at 8:00 am In Solidarity, Joseph Cilia, Secretary-Treasurer, and Principal Officer      

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