JAN 17, 2019 – Upstate and Western New York UPS Supplement Voting Information to Be Mailed January 22, 2019

2019-01-28T20:37:44+00:00January 28th, 2019|Categories: UPS Contract|

The seven Teamster local unions that represent UPS Teamsters covered by the Upstate and Western New York Supplement have reached a tentative agreement, and voting information will be mailed to members on Tuesday, January 22. Voting will be done over the internet or by phone. Ballots will be counted on Tuesday, February 5. To view the cover letter and summary of the Upstate and Western New York Supplement, click here: http://ibt.io/UpstateNYcoverletter. To view the supplement itself, click here: http://ibt.io/Upstatenysupplement Four supplements remain outstanding: Central Pennsylvania; Western Pennsylvania; Local 804; and Local 243 and Metro Detroit.