DEC 17, 2018 – UPS Teamsters Vote to Approve Trailer Conditioners, Inc. (TCI) Supplement

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UPS Teamsters covered by the Trailer Conditioners, Inc. (TCI) Supplement voted today to approve the agreement. The vote count was 61 yes to 45 no. The TCI Supplement is the first of the six outstanding supplements to be approved in are-vote by the members. Members at TCI repair trailers and are represented by localunions 385, 480 and 745. Five supplements remain outstanding: the Central Pennsylvania; the Upstate and West New York; Western Pennsylvania; Local 243 and Metro Detroit; and the Local 804.


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Two of the six outstanding UPS supplements will go to members for a re-vote soon, Teamsters Package Division Director Denis Taylor said following a conference call with the Teamsters National UPS Negotiating Committee yesterday. Chairmen of the outstanding supplements provided updates to the committee regarding negotiations that have taken place since the supplements were rejected during the first vote. The two supplements that will be re-voted soon are the Central Pennsylvania Supplement and the Upstate and West New York Supplement. Four others are not yet ready for a re-vote, and negotiations will continue. The four are the Western Pennsylvania Supplement, the Local 243 and Metro Detroit Supplement, the Local 804 Supplement and the Trailer Conditioners, Inc. (TCI) Supplement. The national UPS contract will not take effect until all the supplements have been ratified. Visit the UPSRising Facebook page where members can see the latest updates. Go to “UPSRising” on Facebook. Or visit to see all the UPS Rising news. Text “UPS” to 86466 to receive text message alerts (message and data rates may apply). Download the original Document Here

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